Ba-Do (right)

Ba-Do (白豆, bái dòu) is the eldest daughter of the Foolish Magistrate and Tai-Tai and a princess of China. She often argues with her sisters Luk-Do and Huang-Do, but is usually caring towards them. Of the three Miao kittens, she seems to favor Sagwa the most. She wears silk flowers in her hair and her clothes are always pink with white trimming. Ba-Do is the protagonist of the three.

As the heroine of the siblings, Ba-Do is also the most notable, as there are at least a couple of episodes / segments that focus on her either partly or entirely. In addition to stories centering solely on her, there have also been others (or side stories) featuring her and her sisters. One of their biggest (if not the biggest) roles is in "Master of Mistakes," in which, aside from Sheegwa studying the art of calligraphy, the girls are practicing individual crafts. But after some attempts, frustration ultimately gets the best of them, so much so that they give up. However, the segment's titular character is brought in, and true to his name, he too fouls up each of the girls' crafts. After seeing him make mistakes himself, this encourages them to keep practicing and they try at it again.

She is voiced by Kathy Tsoi.


  • All of the daughters are named after different colored beans. The English translation of Ba-Do's name in Chinese is "white bean."