The Mr. Conductor and Sagwa Show

Here's my idea for a The Mr. Conductor and Sagwa Show should be:


Hidden within Shining Time Station, is a taped up warp zone that has the power to pull the entire Shining Time Station into it and fuse it with another world different from it in a different year. However after a cleaning job, Mr. Conductor (protrayed by Ringo Starr) accidently trips and ends up opening the portal which ends up sucking in the entire Shining Time Station (just go with it).

Meanwhile on Qing Dynasty, China, Sagwa Miao (protrayed by Holly G Frankel) is going about her playing activities with Hun Hun, as she starts to notice China is looking more 1989 then 1860's-1910's. At first she shrugs it off and gets on with her fun. However after a near fall in the p…

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SuperMalechi SuperMalechi 3 August 2019

Precious Gift Review

Hi everyone, Malechi's back. So today, I'll be doing another episode review. This time, on Precious Gift!

This is a real classic episode, and it's my favorite episode starring Sheegwa. Also, it is one of a few episodes where Tai Tai isn't snobbish and vain. I liked the backstory of how Tai Tai got her little jade necklace before she lost it, it's sad, but it's entertaining. I liked a lot of good moments like "It's mine! It's my treasure! I found it!", Jet Jet's "You found it, you keep it", and the alley cats reacting to what Sagwa and Sheegwa did to them. And when Sheegwa worries that Tai Tai will feel mad at Sheegwa for the broken necklace, this caused Sagwa and the alley cats to feel sorry for her and the necklace. The ending where Tai Ta…

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SuperMalechi SuperMalechi 1 August 2019

Sagwa the Stray Review

Hi guys. Malechi's back. There's another episode review. This time, an slightly lame episode.

In this episode, when Sagwa losses her collar, she doesn't notice that, and then she gets abducted by a family in a houseboat without Lee Wan checking if she is first (and she isn't grounded for it). At least Dongwa, Sheegwa, the Sleeve Dogs and a stray cat have rescued her, but without the parents helping.

The episode that had the most failed logic. While there may be some stupid plot twists in some episodes like "Sheegwa and the Blizzard", there was at least a cause of it in that episode, and it was because Sagwa thought Sheegwa had ran to the blizzard but found out she was in the cat bedpost all along. This episode, however, there is no cause! Su…

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SuperMalechi SuperMalechi 18 July 2019

Spreading Rumors Review

Hi guys. Malechi here is back, that's me! I'll do something to review....which is my favorite episode I longed to review.

In this episode, during the emotions of the heart festival, while Dongwa breaks Sagwa's promise to go out with Hun Hun, Sagwa spreads a rumor, but soon regrets it and goes to find a way to stop it. While the humans believe Cook is engaged, til he tells the truth that he isn't, and Sagwa and the humans learn their lesson at the end.

This episode is a HILARIOUS classic! It has some of the memorable scenes, like the "engaged" Cook plot, Jet Jet's "She's the nicest cat in the alley", Fufu's "I just hope it doesn't come back to fight you.", and Hun Hun's two small reactions to "everyone acting wierd". The rumor about Hun Hun d…

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SuperMalechi SuperMalechi 17 July 2019

Not-So-Purrfect Patient Review

Hi guys. I'm back with another episode I get to review, and it's a Sagwa version of Can You Spare Me a Dime?. Well, how is it? Let me expain.

In this episode, Dongwa sprains his left foreleg and takes advantage of this to get all the attention. Sagwa and Fu-Fu witness that's he perfectly fine and Mama makes him do a long chore, but both Sagwa and Dongwa make up.

This episode has great storytelling and tons of great education. This is also an episode where Dongwa gets rightfully tortured, as usual. He did something bad, which was taking adventage of Sagwa and pampering over paw, and gets tortured throughout the episode - which he has to clean up the clubhouse by himself, and it's totally deserved.

This episode was great and fun to watch.

9/10 (…

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SuperMalechi SuperMalechi 14 July 2019

The Birds, the Bees and the Silkworms Review

Hi guys. I'm back with another review. Remember on the last five episode reviews, they are great episodes. Now onto the first debatable episode. This time, "The Birds, the Bees and the Silkworms".

In this episode, as a great banquet is fast approaching, Tai-Tai orders all birds, silkworms and bees to be driven out, which causes her problems at the banquet. After she fixes the problem, Dongwa finally bids farewell to his moving friend Siao-Po.

There are some things I liked about like the plot with Sagwa, Sheegwa, Dongwa and Siao-Po and the moral. Baba was great too, and so are the Three Daughters, Cook and the Magistrate. But there are a few problems. How did Tai Tai banish the birds, the bees and the silkworms, when they don't know what huma…

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SuperMalechi SuperMalechi 13 July 2019

The Favorite Review

Hi guys. It's Malechi here again. I'll be reviewing "The Favorite" this time.

This episode was another instant classic. It feels like a better version of Princess Sheegwa (which is a mediocre episode)

In this episode, Sagwa worries that Baba likes Dongwa more than her.

Again, like its sister episode "My Fair Kitty", this episode had a really strong story. While Sagwa did something wrong, you still feel sorry for her at the same time - the fact that she says she'll come back to finish her work, but she went fishing with those two hilarious seagulls! And speaking of those gulls, they're really funny! And the "No rules, no race" scene caught me off guard!

And unlike its sister episode "My Fair Kitty" (which is still a great episode), this episode…

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SuperMalechi SuperMalechi 10 July 2019

My Fair Kitty Review

This episode is a really great take on My Fair Lady, though I never watched it.

In this episode, Mung comes to visit and lies about living in the palace, while Dongwa acts like Mung. Will Sagwa and Sheegwa reveal the truth?

This episode had a really strong story, and I liked how likeable the characters are. The scene where Mung writes scrolls in the crude looking way is funny, and the ending is heart warming

But one thing that's wierd - Dongwa was put in the wrong without any jusitfication, thanks to the fact Dongwa's collar is borrowed by Mung, he fell in the lake and got mistook for Mung. But to make up for it, Dongwa did have a happy ending at least. Overall, it's a great episode.

10/10 (Amazing)

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TheSitcomLover TheSitcomLover 30 May 2019

5th Anniversary of Maya Angelou

May 28 was the 5th anniversary of the passing of Maya Angelou. She was so inspirational. May she rest in peace.

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1222brown 1222brown 1 May 2019

Sagwa:The Movie (Score)

  1. The Gwa Bunch-James Gelfand_2:10
  2. The Journey-James Gelfand_3:01
  3. Arrival-James Gelfand_2:29
  4. Looking Around-James Gelfand_3:20
  5. It’z Ze Boss-James Gelfand_2:49
  6. House Tour-James Gelfand_3:27
  7. Following The Rules-James Gelfand_2:49
  8. Flashback-James Gelfand_2:51
  9. Missing-James Gelfand_3:04
  10. The Hunt Is On-James Gelfand_4:14
  11. Race To The Top-James Gelfand_4:46
  12. Big Drop/Sneak Attack-James Gelfand_4:58
  13. Run For Our Nine Lives!-James Gelfand_3:21
  14. Scroll Delivery-James Gelfand_3:35
  15. Feline Encounter-James Gelfand_7:09
  16. The Long Flight Home-James Gelfand_5:13
  17. Reuniting Ceremony-James Gelfand_4:31
  18. Epilogue-James Gelfand_4:04
  • Total Length=1:05:11
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1222brown 1222brown 30 April 2019

Sagwa:The Movie (Soundtrack)

  1. Just The Way You Are-Bruno Mars_4:02
  2. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven-Phil Collins_6:01
  3. Love Story-Taylor Swift_3:57
  4. Bad To The Bone-George Thorogood & The Destroyers_5:04
  5. Extreme Ways-Moby_3:30
  6. Really Don’t Care-Demi Lovato_3:48
  7. Kung Fu Fighting-Carl Douglas_3:10
  8. Animals-Maroon 5_4:41
  9. Can’t Stop The Feeling-Justin Timberlake_4:46
  10. Sagwa:The Movie Score Suite-James Gelfand_12:01
  • Total Length=49:40
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1222brown 1222brown 29 April 2019

Sagwa:The Movie Scenes

  • 1 1-4
  • 2 5-8
  • 3 9-12
  • 4 13-16
  • 5 17-20
  • 6 21-24
  • 7 25-28

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Maatykki Maatykki 6 July 2016

sagwa ja dongwa

veli ja sisko

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