Shan-Tai-Yeh Ku the Fool​ish Magistrate is the magistrate of the local village and province. He is the owner of Baba and Mama Miao and their three children Sagwa, Dongwa, and Sheegwa. He has a wife named Tai-Tai and three daughters named Huang-do, Ba-Do, and Luk-do.

The Magistrate wears a large bulky robe and is extremely fond of noodles.


  • The Magistrate often makes up rules for no reason (such as, "There will be no fishing on Fridays. There will be no basket weaving on... em... Tuesdays!"). He is often pressured by Tai Tai to make these rules, but he truly means well and is a just ruler.
  • He is extremely fond of cats and has a pet singing cricket named Tung.
  • The Magistrate is terrified of mice and will usually scream and run if he sees a mouse. As well, his wife and children share the same fear.


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