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Fu-Fu is Sagwa Miao's best friend. He is a clumsy flier.

As Sagwa's friend, he constantly has to advise her and tries to keep her out of trouble.


Fu-Fu can sometimes get easily scared and startled at scary things, like Tai-Tai's dogs Ping, Pong, and Pang and even Sagwa's actions. He also does silly things on accident, such as giving the Cat Burglar the jewel from the statue of the Foolish Magistrate's great-great-great-great grandfather, but he always tries to make things right in the end.

Fu-Fu often forgets his instincts as a bat.


Fu-Fu is a young bat who wears spectacles, the right side being bent and broken.


  • Fu-Fu first met Sagwa when she got herself stuck in a pot of ashes when she was younger and did not have her markings.
  • The reason for one side of his glasses being bent and broken is that he crashed into a pagoda. This was revealed in "Sagwa's Lucky Bat."
  • His full name is Di Di Fu-Fu.


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