Huang-Do (left)

Huang-Do (黄豆, huáng dòu) is the youngest daughter of the Foolish Magistrate and Tai-Tai. She is the younger sister of Ba-Do and Luk-Do. She wears beads in her hair, and blue robes, with white trimming. She is slightly taller than her sisters, possibly due to her hair height. She is the most sensitive of the three.

There has never been an episode or segment that centers on her specifically and individually, but there have been several that feature her and her sisters collectively, often with subplots involving them as they played important parts in the series as well. One of their most major roles (if not the most major role) is in the secondary plot of "Master of Mistakes," in which while Sheegwa is trying her paw (or rather tail) at calligraphy, the girls are trying their hands at various crafts. But after not being great at them right away as well as through several tries, they let their frustrations get the better of them so much that they change their minds and quit. However, they reconsider when the episode's eponymous character visits them and, true to his namesake, he bungles up the craft each daughter is learning. This encourages them to practice what they were doing again. In Huang-Do's case, she's learning how to play a Chinese stringed instrument.

Each daughter is named after a different colored bean. Huang-Do's name translates in English to "yellow bean" or "soybean".

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