Season 1

EP# Title Airdate
1 "How Sagwa Got Her Colors September 3, 2001
2 "The New Year's Clean-Up/Firefly Nights" September 4, 2001

The New Year's Clean-Up

Firefly Nights

3 "Royal Cats/Acrobat Cats" September 5, 2001

Royal Cats

Acrobat Cats

4 "Tung, the Singing Cricket/Sagwa's Lucky Bat" September 6, 2001

Tung the Singing Cricket

Sagwa's Lucky Bat

5 "Cat Burglar/Sagwa's Good Deed" September 7, 2001

Cat Burglar

Sagwa's Good Deed

6 "Harvest Festival Race/The Foolish Magistrate's New Clothes" September 10, 2001

Harvest Festival Race

The Foolish Magistrate's New Clothes

7 "Fur Cut/Magistrate Loses his Post" September 11, 2001

Fur Cut

Magistrate Loses his Post

8 "Tribal Cats/Sagwa's Swan Song" September 12, 2001

Tribal Cats

Sagwa's Swan Song

9 "Cat and Mouse/Stinky Tofu" September 13, 2001

Cat and Mouse

Stinky Tofu

10 "The Foolish Magistrate's Aching Tooth/Sheegwa and the Blizzard" September 14, 2001

The Foolish Magistrate's Aching Tooth

Sheegwa and the Blizzard

11 "Treasure Hunters/By the Light of the Moon" September 17, 2001

Treasure Hunters

Light of the Moon

12 "Fraidy Cats/The Tortise and the Cat" September 18, 2001

Fraidy Cats

The Tortise and the Cat

13 "Alley Night Opera/Cats of a Different Class" September 19, 2001

Alley Night Opera

Cats of a Different Class

14 "Sagwa, Fu-Fu, and the Whistling Pigeon/Princess Sheegwa" September 20, 2001

Sagwa, Fu-Fu, and the Whistling Pigeon

Princess Sheegwa

15 "Sagwa Rules/Ciao Meow" September 21, 2001

Sagwa Rules

Ciao Meow

16 "Explorer's Club/Time for Everything" September 14, 2001

Explorer's Club

Time for Everything

17 "Comic Opera/Not-So-Purrfect Patient" September 25, 2001

Comic Opera

Not-So-Purrfect Patient

18 "Panda-monium/Festival of Lanterns" September 26, 2001


Festival of Lanterns

19 "Snagged by a Thread/Master of Mistakes" September 27, 2001

Snagged by a Thread

Master if Mistakes

20 "Collar of Time/The Birds, the Bees, and the Silkworms" September 28, 2001

Collar of Time

The Birds, the Bees, and the Silkworm

21 "Dongwa the Sailor/Invention by Mistake" February 12, 2002

Dongwa the Sailor

Invention by Mistake

22 "Cool Fu-Fu/A New Cook in the Kitchen" February 13, 2002

Cool Fu-Fu

A New Cook in the Kitchen

23 "Tough Guy Dongwa/The Competition" February 14, 2002

Tough Guy Dongwa

The Competition

24 "Precious Gift/Lord of the Fleas" February 15, 2002

Precious Gift

Lord of the Fleas

25 My Fair Kitty/The Favorite February 18, 2002

My Fair Kitty

The Favorite

26 "Luck Be a Bat/Tea for Two" April 1, 2002

Luck Be a Bat

Tea for Two

27 "Sagwa the Stray/...And Action" April 2, 2002

Sagwa the Stray

...And Action

28 "Ba-Do and the Lantern Festival/Fu-Fu's Full Moon Flight" April 4, 2002

Ba-Do and the Lantern Festival

Fu-Fu's Full Moon Flight

29 "Wedding Day Mess/A Catfish Tale" April 4, 2002

Wedding Day Mess

A Catfish Tale

30 "Up, Up, and Away/Spreading Rumors" April 5, 2002

Up, Up, and Away

Spreading Rumors

31 "The Jade Rabbit/Dongwa's Best Friend" April 8, 2002

The Jade Rabbit

Dongwa's Best Friend

32 "The Zodiac Zoo/The Four Dragons" April 9, 2002

The Zodiac Zoo

The Four Dragons

33 "Lost and Found/Three Graces" April 10, 2002

Lost and Found

Three Graces

34 "All Grown Up/The Cat and the Wind" April 11, 2002

All Grown Up

The Cat and the Wind

35 "Too Close for Comfort/Sister Act" April 12, 2002

Too Close for Comfort

Sister Act

36 "Sick Day/The Name Game" September 21, 2002

Sick Day

The Name Game

37 "Shei-Hu's Secret/Homesick Jun" September 28, 2002

Shei-Hu's Secret

Homesick Jun

38 "The Return of the Rat/Great Balls of Fire" September 28, 2002

The Return of the Rat

Great Balls of Fire

39 "Catsitter/On the Run" October 5, 2002


On the Run

40 "Cha-Siu Bow Wow/Mutt That Would be King" October 5, 2002

Cha-Siu Bow Wow

Mutt That Would be King

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