Luk-Do (middle)

Luk-Do (绿豆, lǜ dòu) is the middle daughter of the Foolish Magistrate and Tai-Tai. She is the sister of Ba-Do, and Huang-Do. She tends to occasionally bicker with her sisters, but not always. She engages in lots of arguments with her sisters, but can usually keep her cool, possibly even more than her elder and younger sister. She wears beads in her hair, and a yellow robe with white trimming. She is the athlete of the three.

Unlike Ba-do, she nor Huang-do have ever had any episodes or segments central to them particularly, but all of them often have been featured in secondary stories, as they've had significant roles in the series as well. Along with her sisters, one of her most eminent roles (if not the most eminent) is in "Master of Mistakes". As Sheegwa is practicing calligraphy, the girls are practicing an assortment of crafts. However, they get so frustrated with unsuccessfully mastering their crafts they call it quits. Later, the episode's self-titled character is asked to come to their home for help. Just as he is known for doing so, once each girl subsequently sees him make blunders with the same things they did, they are convinced not to give up and continue practicing.

Like her sisters, she is named after a different colored bean. When translated to English, Luk-Do's name is "green bean" or "mung bean".

She is voiced by Leanne Adachi.