Char nainai right

Nai-Nai Miao is the mother of Baba Miao. She is the grandma of Sagwa Miao, Dongwa Miao, and Sheegwa Miao. She is a historian, rather than a Calligrapher like Mama Miao and Baba Miao.

Her fur is gray rather than cream or white. She has a purple cloth head ornament held up with two pins and she wears a collar similar to Dongwa's. In one episode she gives a very old collar to Sagwa telling her to wear it with honor. At first Sagwa calls it ratty and buries it. Later, she has to go through an ordeal after which hearing a story from Mama Miao on how she herself tried to get rid of it, Sagwa appreciates it more and finally wears it.