Sagwa Miao


First Appearance
Baba Miao (father)
Mama Miao (mother)
Dongwa Miao (older brother)
Sheegwa Miao (younger sister)
Yeh-Yeh Miao (paternal grandfather)
Nai-Nai Miao (paternal grandmother)
Uncle Miao (uncle)
Auntie Mae-Mae (aunt)
Cha-Siu (cousin)
Siamese Cat

Sagwa Miao is the titular protagonist of the series. She is a Siamese kitten who lives in the palace of the Magistrate of a 19th-century Chinese village. She has parents and two siblings named Dongwa and Sheegwa. Her best friend is Fu-Fu and is also friends with a mouse named Shei-Hu and a pigeon named Ping Wing.


She has a trait of the Miao Family of being good scribes. However, unlike her parents, Sagwa doesn't pass laws under the Foolish Magistrate's orders. Quick-thinking, creative, and sometimes a bit bossy (in "Sheegwa and the Blizzard," she monopolizes Sheegwa's toy and tells her, "Don't forget your umbrella!"), she prefers to spend most of her time playing in the village or palace garden with her best friends Fu-Fu, Shei-Hu, several Alley Cats, and her siblings.

Sagwa is kind and occasionally offers advice to Sheegwa, but is also naive and extremely curious. It is revealed that she met Fu-Fu when he saved her from an old pot full of dust. When he asked her what she was doing, she replied she was trying to see what was in the pot.


Sagwa is pure white, but a story in "How Sagwa Got Her Colors" reveals that her fur was dyed when she fell into a pot of ink, giving her typical Siamese markings on her tail, paws, and face.


  • Sagwa's Chinese name (傻瓜 shǎguā) means "silly melon head" or "fool" (mostly fool).
  • Her Zodiac Symbol is the Dog.
  • She is the first member in her family to receive her markings, even though it was an accident.