Sheegwa Miao is Sagwa and Dongwa's younger sister and Baba and Mama Miao's youngest daughter.


Being the youngest, Sheegwa is sometimes excluded from activities of her older siblings, but often plays with Sagwa and Fu-Fu. She is the least independent of the Miao family due to her age and doesn't do well with being a scribe, claiming her tail will not listen.

Sheegwa is fascinated by small creatures (such as butterflies or silkworms) and often plays tag or hide and seek with the mice. She is slightly offended when being considered a baby and is the least defined of the three siblings.


Sheegwa has white fur with pink cheeks, blue eyes, a pink nose, and pink pawpads. Her right ear is folded halfway and she has a fluffy tail.

Sheegwa is usually seen wearing a small pink bib with a purple flower on it.


  • Sheegwa's name (西瓜 Xīguā) means "watermelon" in Chinese and her Zodiac Symbol is the Rat.
  • Sheegwa is the only kitten that doesn't have any markings.
  • Sheegwa can sometimes be sneezing almost throughout the series.


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