Tai Tai

Tai-Tai Ku​ is the Foolish Magistrate's wife and Ba-do, Luk-do, and Huang-do's mother.

She is very irritable and very status-conscious woman who feels she needs to prove herself to the "common" people of the village; however, there have been times when she shows her gentle, kind side and reasonableness, in which she sees the consequences of her actions and apologizes to those she has wronged.

She wears a blue robe with gold trimming and fashions her hair extremely neatly with silk flowers.


  • Tai-Tai's name translates to simply "wife strong" in English.
  • Tai-Tai is more fond of dogs than cats and carries three sleeve-dogs in the sleeves of her robe named Ping, Pong, and Pang. She, as with most members of the royal family, is absolutely terrified of mice and rats, especially the ones living behind the palace walls. Tai-Tai has a niece named Angwan.