Scene opens with Dongwa and Lick-Lick having a Kung-fu match-up. Sheegwa and Sagwa are there, rooting for Dongwa. The alley cats are rooting for Lick-Lick. The match ends. Sagwa and the alleycats argues over who's better. Turns out that Lick-Lick was only a nickname, and his real name is Chan Li, which means "Family Strength". Sheegwa brings out the topic that their names have hidden meaning. And so, the alley cats brought up the meaning of Dongwa's name: "Winter Melon" . And they tease Sheegwa that her name means "Watermelon". But Sheegwa stands tall. However, the main blow was directed to Sagwa, whose name means "Silly Melon Head". Being ridiculed, the trio heads back to the palace, turned off by the incident and vowing never to go back to the alley. Back at the palace, Fu-fu joins in the conversation. They say that he's lucky to have a great name. But he runs into a corner, and thinks that it means "clumsy bat" instead. Sagwa says that Mom gives her a strange look when she asked her why she had such a name. So, they decide to ask Nai-nai, who tells them why. When their father was young, he was always playing with Chet-Chet and Lick-Lick's father. But he was born in the palace, and sees the palace as his playground. One day, he meets Mama Miao while playing in the magistrate's winter melon patch. She turns out to be the new gardener's kitten. He then accidentally breaks a melon. She then heads off. He couldn't find her. So, he calls out "Melon Cat", in hopes of her responding. Soon, he finds her. And they soon becomes inseparable (okay, we all know where the story's going - ed). He was so love-sick that one day, he painted a picture of her on a one of the watermelons in a melon pile. Chet-Chet and Lick-Lick's father dropped by, and sees the painting. They then tease him. Mama Miao challenges the alley-cats, and they started climbing up the melon-pile. Naturally, the pile collapses, and watermelons started rolling down the street, two with a pair of cats on each. They race their watermelons, and won when the alleycats' melon ran into a pole. But their victory was short-lived, 'cause theirs soon ran into a wall (Ouch! - ed). And so, Dongwa was named because Baba Miao first met Mama Miao in the Magistrate's winter melon patch, Sheegwa was named because they had so much fun on the pile of watermelons, and Sagwa was named because they wanted to remember that they loved each other. And so, Sagwa, Sheegwa, and Dongwa head out to face the Alley cats, and soon learn that if they don't care about the teasing, the teasing will stop. The story comes to a close as Sagwa, Sheegwa, and Dongwa head back to the palace.

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